For Palm Sunday

From Matthew 21.1-11

I wonder if he climbed onto the donkey’s back

Because he feared his legs would give way.


As he looked across the valley,

I wonder if he feared his knees would grow weak,

And he would stumble.

The one who had brought sight to the sightless,

Blinded by tears for this city.


I wonder if he climbed onto the donkey’s back,

Fearful that his own feet may not have the strength for these steps.

The one who brought strength to the weary,

Falling to the ground:

take this cup away from me”.


And he climbed onto the donkey’s back,

To better bear the weight of the love swelling in him,

Overwhelming him,

For the crowds around him, singing

“Save us”

For the city before him, asking

“who is this?”




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